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Through this past weekend, many of you may well have had wonderful Yule gatherings with neighbours and friends who prefer “visits” with others at this time and then leave the Christmas, or return of the sun, day as a day at home with family, or at hotel or restaurant with family.

Many northern hemisphere folk will have had their visiting totally limited to neighbours due to difficulty driving on the roads, and this is surely a good thing.

I have not written anything new for this time of year so I would like to recap on past blog posting that I would love to share with you again.

First, one reason for not writing anything extra for a Yule Blog this year has been due to work on my new podcast “Celtic Dreamtime Podscape”, and the current edition is the Yule edition which you can listen to and subscribe to here

You may find me introduction to the tradition of Wassailing, and how a similar tradition may well have been in Ireland where Apples were the winter sustaining food of the Irish for 1000s of years before potatoes arrived.

In addition you may enjoy reading these …..

A Toast For The Christmas Tree

Find out about some of the varied traditions that created the tradition of your tree

The Four Spirits That Became Santa Claus

The traditions that became the modern red Santa

When Christmas Carols Were Jolly Dances

Origins of “popular” carols, and after reading this I feel you will be seeking for the origins too.

Mince Pies

Origin of Mince Pies plus one of two unique recipes I personally use


Wow, a post I made in 2004, introducing the origin of gift giving at this time and some times of how you may prefer the old traditions to the new ones


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