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relax and enjoy a ...
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for your celtic sanctuary

If you cannot visit Ireland for awhile,
or have visited and wish to keep your Celtic Dreamtime alive,
we invite you to enjoy our Celtic Dreamtime monthly goodies bag of ...

  • 6 new music downloads per month for subscribers (normally 99c each)
  • A new Celtic Dreamtime Story per month
  • Free access to the 50 music downloads archive of Claire Roche
  • Celtic Dreamtime Media video clips and photo albums

  • ...... and several more items and events to enjoy

the story of the Celtic Dreamtime Pass ...

Our last 6 years have largely been invested in restoring a traditional Irish thatched cottage as close to the original as possible, while making eco considerations too. This is our centre for serving our Celtic Dreamtime services as we are also close to sacred sites and outstanding landscapes linked to some of the most profound mythology legends and spirituality sanctuaries in Ireland.

As there are still considerable costs involved in keeping this restoration in good shape, your support from funds from Celtic Dreamtime Pass subscriptions helps us to keep this project alive as well as assist in
keeping your own Celtic Dreamtime present.

This is our exclusive members-only service for many people interested
in and enjoying Celtic Ways stories, Claire Roche’s songs and harps,
our Celtic Dreamtime Escapes and the joy of harps and bards around Ireland

I started Celtic Ways online in 1995 as a way to spread Celtic mythology, folklore and spirituality on the internet, my passion and learning of my life since 1957.

In 1995 the Internet was still in its infancy with still under 20,000 web sites worldwide by the end of that year and CelticWays.com was one of them.

During 1996, Riverdance was reaching the world’s imagination and opened a thirst for all things Celtic that I was introducing through Celtic Ways. There inspired a fast rise in musicians wanting to perform Celtic music.

I learned how to format mp3 files and the WinAmp player was released for anyone to play mp3s.
I introduced Celtic musicians to the idea of spreading their music online with mp3 files.
That’s was when I met Claire.

From 2003 I introduced Celtic Ways tours of Ireland. The more I served this the more I discovered my calling was to help people realise their Celtic Dreams and find their Celtic Heart much more than visiting historical sites.

However, nine out of ten inquirers, that have a passion for the Celtic Dreamtime services Claire and I offer, are not ready to join us in Ireland for awhile, for various reasons. Also those who have shared with us would like something more to keep their Celtic Dreamtime living.

Therefore, Our Celtic Dreamtime Pass serves a monthly goodies bag of music, video, stories to read, special social gathering invitations and sometimes fun arriving in your snail mail too.

every month Celtic Dreamtime Pass now serves ...

a Celtic Dreamtime Media & Events package of

  • 6 new song and music downloads per month,

    Claire is recording new songs, tunes and arrangements at
    Woodford or Carrowcrory that will only be made available
    to Celtic Dreamtime Pass members.

    Add to this lovely songs and music from harpers and bards
    of Ireland and inspired by the Celtic tradition.

    All new members will get access to songs and music of
    previous months through compilations provided at
    members-only deep discounted rates.

  • A new Celtic Dreamtime Story per month

    Delivered In audio and e-book format, for ipods, e-readers, PCs etc.
    from the mythical legends of mainly North West Ireland featuring
    favourites like Brigid, Bride, Morrigan, Lughad, Cian, Dagda, Ogma,
    Maeve, Deancecht, Aimed, Eithne, Lasir, Attracta, Kevin, Columcille,
    our very own Pottering Harry McCrory, his wife Clarissa and his friends
    Pat the Fox, Mary the Hare, Poriag the Toad, Caitlin the Cat and many others.

  • Access to 50 songs and music downloads archive of Claire Roche,

    You can select and download, without additional charge,
    and use on your iPod, mobile phone or music player,
    in high quality universal mp3 format

  • Celtic Dreamtime Media video clips and photo albums

    to keep your Celtic Dreamtime alive

  • free help with your self drive vacation in Ireland and Argyll, Scotland

    accommodation, routes and activities advice and some booking

Annual subscribers also receive ...

  • quarterly magazine featuring member discounts you can use,
    featuring Celtic travel, accommodation, retreats, workshops, books, discs, and articles of things you can do for the season to keep your Celtic Spirit alive and active, all downloadable in PDF format and other e-book reader formats that become popular

  • members only Celtic Dreamtime gatherings,
    at Beltaine and Samhain, and hopefully expand to Imbolc and Lunasa shortly,
    where we can share the traditions at the time. For those who cannot make it
    a special podcast, and some video, of these events for members will be shared

  • guidance and information about your Celtic Roots,
    not an ancestry service, but we can provide free pointers

  • Celtic Dreamtime members meet ups,
    after performances when Claire Roche and John of Celtic Ways tour in March and October

  • Celtic Dreamtime workshops (discounted),
    to learn skills of ancient folklore such as making Brigid crosses, labyrinths, and items for Celtic Festivals

  • 20% discount at many of the ticketed Celtic Dreamtime events
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Please join by clicking a subscribe button below

You can start at $5 a month,
currently approx €3.50 (Euros), £3.10 (Sterling)

subscribe from anywhere in the world,
pay in your own currency

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or save by choosing annual subscription

Special Founders Discount for first 100 members

This is a new launched service so we can offer you

$36 annual subscription, guaranteed rate for 3 years
currently approx €25 (Euros), £22 (Sterling)


So many thanks for subscribing to Celtic Dreamtime Pass
as this does help us to fund the care and maintenance of our
restored thatched cottage and move on into other restorations
such as a local ancient holy well and sweat house


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