The DNA Mystery & Mythology

Most of our travellers here have a single question

JanusThat is, “am I connected to Ireland?”

More and more people are taking private DNA tests to find out.

DNA evidence is regarded as solid proven science so faiths around the world have jumped on this technology to see if they can establish DNA foundation to their holy books and faith.

The Mormons seem to have suffered the worse knocking when other Christian motivated representatives presented them with research results that indicated all native American DNA has an origin from eastern Asia and, to them, verifying that all ancient peoples of all of the Americas, before the arrival of white man, came across the Bering Land Bridge between Siberia and Alaska.

Here’s a video presentation, its quite long.

What DNA did land in the Americas

The Mormons have a faith that talks of Native Americans having an origin with an Israal tribe and this video aims to present that this is 100% not possible and presents some Mormons now confused about how to continue their faith.

My first reaction was to consider the seafaring skills of the Polynesians. Surely they would have settled on the shores of the Americas, so where do they come from. Polynesians have really baffled DNA researchers as there is not a defined thread of DNA through their peoples, as their seems to be through native Americans. However, today, when we look at some native American races in the North some like the Navajo and Sioux look so much like people from Tonga, Fiji etc while Apache, Cheyenne, Arapaho and more look as if they have arrived straight from Mongolia. The researchers of Polynesian DNA seem to trace them largely to south and south west Asia, but still with several variations.

One interesting report I have seen is from National Geographic that claims 95% of native American DNA can be traced back to six mothers who lived in Beringia, a sunken land bridge between Alaska and Siberia, 20,000 years ago.

The Haplogroup X (mtDNA) mystery

Partially possibly motivated by the Mormon desire to recover their faith, DNA research has developed considerably since the research that founded the video above. The Haplogroup X Project started up in 2006, but I do not know where, though I suspect from Brigham Young University in Utah.

First discovery was of the gene being in 3% of Native Americans with the biggest concentrations being among the Navajo and Sioux as well as being present among native Americans of North East Americas.

Another concentration of Haplogroup X DNA is among the Yanomami tribe of Brazil and Venezuela rain forests.

The other largest concentrations of the Haplogroup X DNA have been on Orkney Isles in Scotland (7% of the population), Georgia (8%) and among the Druze community of Israel (26%). I would love to know these results when compared to DNA of ancient skeletons.

However, this result is not all roses for the Mormon mythology yet as there is also a large concentration of Haplogroup X DNA in Asia, in Altai, wedged between Russia and Mongolia. However, I am sure Mormons are also currently pleased to know that the Haplogroup X DNA is barely present among current Chinese, Mongolian and eastern Russian people. This may cross out the chances of this DNA arriving across the Baring Bridge. However, this DNA did arrive in the Americas somehow before white people came.

There is also a concentration of the Haplogroup X DNA across North Africa.

The Halogroup X research results, so far, has been enough to fuel three agendas

Mormons are now relieved to say the Haplogroup X in North America could be the result of descendants of Lehi and Sariah as mentioned in the Book of Mormon.

Atlantean mystics are now proclaiming this DNA came from the people of Atlantis

Anthropologists are busily trying to link this DNA to our descent from Neanderthal man

It also helps me in my Celtic and Erin mythology storytelling that tells of a people who came from by the red sea, settled by the Black Sea, came to Ireland, fled to around Inner Hebrides, Orkneys and Baltic Seas, some to Greenland, some to the Caribbean, and then some returned to Ireland again.

This DNA also connects to the people who are said to have come from North Africa, through Spain to Ireland. Different DNA research has also confirmed that pathway.

This independent sites provides some links and downloadable report

I think we will be hearing and reading a lot more about Haplogroup X (mtDNA) over future years as various faiths and various mythologies are looking to this as being their remaining hope for sustaining their foundations.


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