Something To Look Forward To

It is becoming quite common for people who have booked tours and retreats with us to write and share their economic “downturn” problems with us, and this includes suggesting postponing their visit to Ireland or even cancelling it.  

These people have lost fortunes within their investments and some have lost their jobs, though, fortunately, most of the job losers have saved some kind of “nest egg” during their more affluent times.

My first response is “well what else have you got to look forward to?”

I believe we must always try, try so hard not be become victim of being deprived of some carrot of joy ahead of us to give us colour, joy and purpose for the present.

This year, I am finding more and more ways to cut down the cost of a visit to Ireland.

First, I am fortunate to be living in a part of Ireland that is lesser known, yet stunningly beautiful and so, so full of mythology, legend and the elements of inspiring celtic stories. It is also one of the lowest cost places for a vacation in ireland!

The “secret” for keeping your costs down when you visit Ireland is to base yourself in a singular accommodation and fully experience Ireland, its mystery and its culture.

This deep and warming experience of Ireland just cannot happen if you schedule to race around the country like a relay race or treasure hunt that “must” include kissing the Blarney Stone, racing around the Ring Of Kerry and wondering “what was that all about”, gruelling your way bumper to bumper, around the Dingle peninsula, only to find the sea mist come in, spending a small fortune to get to the Cliffs of Moher, if only the darn security men would get out of the way so you can take the picture postcard picture, looking forward to the traditional music session in the Galway pub only to find yourself wanting to crawl into your hotel bed before the musicians turn up at near midnight, then in the morning finding your hotel stay there finally maxed out your credit card before you even had a chance to try out Dublin.

We can help you escape the tourism race and have a real vacation that lifts the spirits, is kind to your bank account, and provides something of deep value to return home with that will help you conquer the “downturn” without depression.

I personally like economic downturns because this is when human inspiration and creativity flows best.

It is the time when new ideas form into new enterprises and spirit that creates the next upturn. Its a time to “look forward to something” rather than experience that “something” but not knowing it is happening because we take so much for granted during the good economic times. 

During downturns some industries actually do their best.

Look at how McDonald's, Tescos and food store profits are soaring. Seems like we eat more then.

During downturns people love to do courses to better themselves for themselves and not just for their careers

People love to travel more during downturns, because there are so many bargains then :-)

May I offer that you look forward to some time with us in Ireland?

May I offer you “something to look forward to”?

Once upon a time there were Bards, and they were the poets and messengers of the court of kings and leaders of clans and tribes. A Bard’s purpose was both to speak truth without fear and to entertain everyone.

Thanks to Columcille, St. Columba, around 570 AD, an Order Of Bards was formed in Ireland to teach bards how to be inspired by nature and spirit to create writing, poems and songs that were truthful, uplifting and inspiring.

Bards were taught to be connected spiritually to nature and develop as libraries of cultural knowledge. Their code was to live lives with no bias to class and race and their "vices" should be none. By the 8th century, when monastic city living reached a boom time, the time of Monastaboice, Kells, Drumcliffe (Sligo) and many others, the bardic schools were everywhere.

Today, our main intent here at Two Worlds is to create a kind of vacational bardic school in the spirit of the ancient Bard schools but not as rigid in order. Most important is to encourage women to be bards as it is not an exclusive male domain. Also should these folks be smokers and enjoy a Guinness etc., we will not hold these "vices" against them :-)

This process is simple.

We guide folks to ancient sites like Carrowkeel, Keash Caves, Shannon Pot and a selection of many other ancient sites here.

Share the mythological stories that have been told by bards and storytellers for many centuries

Allow the folks to make their own interpretations and record them in some way, writing, drawings, photos.

Introduce the labyrinth and other images of nature to mix in with their inspirations as I feel touching and sensing nature is what brings honesty to inspirations and take away fear. This is essential for becoming a bard, and everyone can be a bard !!!

I also show people how to make Brigid crosses, not as a craft, but as a process of calling on inspiration along with personal calm and healing.

Invite visitors to share their inspirations as performance to the group through a house ceili of some kind, such as those shared with my singer harp partner Claire Roche

Invite visitors to instantly publish their inspirations online such as through blogs as a boost of self esteem, recognition and the gift of knowing that someone listens.

Proof is in the publishing

During our tour in the USA through March a lovely lady, and CEO of a major food distribution company, handed us books she had written and published after she shared a vacation with us here. Its a wonderful example! I must see if we can supply this online here.

So how about several things to look forward to?

We can help you look forward to

experiencing the spiritual magic of Ireland

arousing inspirations that provide solutions to your worries

a place where people will pamper you, listen to you and recognise you

and the “course work” to commence a creative and fulfilling new hobby and even income puller

Just get back to me and I can explain more to you

Vacations based in Co. Sligo for 8 days are accommodation and breakfast around $350 per person, guided tours, transport and courses, around $500 per person, evening meals lowest cost if you self cater, and return air fares from USA now as low as $400 return each based on small group rates.  

And this is really something to look forward to

Please check out our unique workshop with chief bard Robin Williamson in the middle of May



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