2009 USA Tour : April 1st, Back Home In Ireland


Not the usual Aer Lingus plane with the multi channels of personal entertainment but still a pleasant flight. I enjoyed my tofu, rice and veg meal followed by an amazing movie, “Australia” which will surely be in my all time top 20 favourites for certain. This was Nicole Kidman at her very best and the photography right through was unique and surreal. Long movie but seemed to be a smooth transition of 4 or 5 separate movies. Very tight script too and never faltered or got boring for a moment. Quite a feel good movie, quite spiritual too.

One surprise is that Aer Lingus had changed us from an evening flight to afternoon flight and this earlier flight landed for an hour in Shannon before flying onto Dublin, a little tiresome. However, it was also a half empty flight so plenty of room to stretch out and sleep on the seats.


Though the flight from Shannon to Dublin was viewless due to cloud, Dublin was quite sunny and warm. Getting through customs, picking up baggage and getting a taxicab into Dublin all went very smooth and fast.

The taxicab dropped me off at Connelly Station and then drove Claire onto her home. Quite odd to say farewells to her after our tour adventure. Claire is now going to be very busy on her little theatre/studio/workshop project in South Dublin, has a UK trip planned and completing a new cd so I am not sure when we will meet again, could be awhile.

It was about 90 minutes wait for the next train to Boyle so I enjoyed a quiet breakfast in a lovely traditional restaurant tucked into the rail station and did some online work.

Also read some newspapers stuff, with features about Obama secretly visiting ireland to meet up with relatives here in Co. Offaly before heading to the G20 Summit in the UK. You have to look at the date of this story to validate its level of accuracy.

Train To Boyle

I am thrilled that the train to Boyle is one of the more modern sets with lots of leg room, powerpoints and wifi. However, I doubt I will do much more than this blog. An hour’s nap is very welcome now.

I do have a friend meeting me at Boyle Station to take me home to Carrowcrory Cottage and then i will take the rest of the day off.

I’ll let you know how the Labyrinth Garden is doing tomorrow along with news of what’s coming up soon with Claire and myself.




  1. I love reading about your travels. I will visit your lovely country some day. Cheers and Happy Easter.


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