2009 USA Tour : March 26th, Over Desert & Mountains to Denver


I am kicking off writing this post at sunrise unsure of how the day will flow. Even the sunrise is indicating a confusion with a mix of mist, fog, cloud and break in the sky. Will there be sunrise or a complete fog?

We were to arrive in Denver and perform tonight but so far 4 venues there have invited us then cancelled us and we do have some people there who would love to meet us. I have not checked emails for over 2 days and will not be able to for several hours yet so we wonder if there is a last minute venue?

So the results of this day is much like the nature of the sunrise or no sunrise that is happening here right now. There’s a sprinkle of snow on the desert as we leave.

To Denver

So far, so good and on the main freeway towards Denver, but we took a break for fuel and lunch at a place with WiFi and messages warning us not to arrive in Denver because of the weather. We are 100 miles before Denver, and yes there is now snow falling but s, visibility is ok and I took lovely scenic photos on the way.

Denver Arrival

20 miles before Denver, oh dear, just as warned, snow toppling from the sky, visibility almost zero and wind swirling round us like a constant tornado.

To the campsite as fast as possible to settle down, no gig tonight!

Campsite entrance, blizzards strong and drifted banks several feet deep and we unknowing drove into one and was caged in it. Wheels spinning back and forth we escaped with surprise and wonder along with visions of escaping Denver asap.

Denver Escape

Severe need of gasoline, pulled into a gas station to view our RV with hanging icicles and long icicles parallel and stuck to our wheel nuts like rotating swords threatening anyone who came close to us.

Back on the road, destination unknown, passing what seemed like a gory Hollywood set of upturned cars, fallen trucks on their side huddled in fetal positions and more vehicles in banks, ditches and even hanging over bridges. At this point the road was a very thick ice rink. Were we going to survive this winter gauntlet?

Not far from the Nebraska border we were defeated, yet safe, crept into a freeway rest area, parked anywhere, dived into bed, and prayed gratitude for our safe guidance and survival as I think we were the only vehicle that made it so far along the road without falling off of it.



  1. Oh Boy!!!! Welcome to beautiful Colorado spring weather. You probably were the only one on the road.


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