2009 USA Tour : March 23rd, Getting Our Kicks On Route 66

Cruising Route 66

Though not planned our entire day today was following the old Route 66, well much of it. We really did get our kicks, continually on the sides of the RV. Though sunny this was an extremely windy day, from Tulsa OK through Amarillo TX and onto Alberquerque NM, about 640 miles A lot of the old Route 66 is still preserved and running next to the replacement freeway, and runs through the small towns while the freeway by-passes them. We sometimes tried out the old road, only to find our sections coming to an abrupt halt, which I assume was due to farmers refusing the restoration of some parts of this popular historic old highway.

Some of the old diners and gas stations have been preserved and re-opened but most are in ruins like ancient monuments. Texas seems to be the most active in preservations and promotions, parts of Albuquerque not bad but not much preservation and promotion in Oklahoma yet.

We stopped awhile in Amarillo for shopping and lunch. Amarillo seems to be a jolly small town heavily promoting its cow poke cowboy image in a colourful, lighthearted way. 

Our lunch was at Taco Bell, an announcement that will attract several yawns and “Oh no!”, but I like Taco Bell and this was the first visit to one on this trip. I indulge in the Gorditas and 7 Layer Burritos. For those not in the know a Gordita is a filling sitting in a deep friend soft taco shell that puffs up and goes crispy.

Blowing Into Albuquerque

Our arrival into this surprisingly huge metropolis sat under mountains in the dessert was extremely late, mainly held back by needing to drive slow in the 30 to 50 mph gusty winds pushing hard on the high sides of our RV. It was lucky our gig here had been cancelled as our late arrival may have irritated some.

We had planned to stay at a wonderful looking RV park south of the city by a casino. This site no longer took bookings, their policy was first come, first served, pay on arrival. Despite there being plenty of spare places, arriving after 9:00 pm also including not being allowed in at all. This is unusual at RV Parks as most policy is to hook up and pay in the morning. Maybe being a casino site folks do not have any cash left to pay in the morning.

Using our trusty Sat-Nav GPS we asked it to reveal an alternative RV park and led us to one on the west of the city. This site seemed to be mainly residential, bikers, but there was a lovely welcome notice inviting late arrivals to find a spot, hook up and pay in the morning. Despite an obviously presence of bikers this was a quiet site and we enjoyed a very good night’s sleep. 


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