2009 USA Tour : March 21st, From Urbana IL to Salem MO

Starting A Cottage, No, RV Industry

CD sales on this tour have been phenomenal. In fact, by now they have just about run out. We did leave some at Robert LA which will be shipped to Sioux City, but this morning it was off to Office Depot in Champaign IL to buy supplies to make more CDs in the RV, quite an interesting experience, but it worked. We are now selling a set of “Bootleg RV Produced” CDs at discount prices.

To Salem, Missouri

First half of this ride was freeway to Saint Louis, myself driving, leaving a cool sunny Urbana but quickly warming as we drove south west. The most exciting and even emotional part was crossing the Mississippi into the east of Saint Louis.

Lunch outside Saint Louis Missouri was at Taco Bell!

Now a lot of folks put down Taco Bell, but I love the food. I had to have at least a Chalupa, a soft pocketless pita that they deep fry or pan fry until crispy then fill with beans, veggies, salsa and sour cream. Claire thoroughly enjoyed their chicken salad.

After lunch we again put our trust into the directions dictated by our trusty sat-nav gps. For some reason, once out of Saint Louis took us out on a network of winding, yet beautiful, narrow country roads mainly through the extensive Mark Twain State Park Forest. All of these roads were labelled with letters rather than numbers. I was surprised to see a KK road in Missouri.

Arriving in Salem it was the only regular sort of town since Saint Louis so we had a much needed gasoline fill up and bought some milk and sustainables.

From Salem it was quickly off to our camping site in Montauk State Park, which was packed!

I think we had the last site, but each site was well spaced and not crowding each other. This is a beautiful place of woods, rivers, lakes and beautiful birds.

It was time for an early night’s rest ready for our early rise and long drive for a late Sunday afternoon concert in Tulsa OK.




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