Our new Two Worlds Of Ireland vacation

First, this vacation is flexible … stay with us 3 to 7 nights

Your accommodation will be Ballaghboy Lodge Eco Farm

The each day We do not serve a fixed itinerary

but a menu served with your breakfast so that you choose what we do for the day.

Share our Two Worlds Labyrinth :

We recommend that on your arrival or during your first morning in Co. Sligo you share our Two Worlds Labyrinth Garden.

This is wonderful for affirming disconnection from your working world that you have come from and connection to a true vacation that is to inspire and restore you. We aim to serve you a vacation that enables you to return to your working world with new vigour, courage, focus and enthusiasm.

Sacred Sites choices :

  • Carrowkeel Cairns 5500 year old womb like structures in mystical landscape with many alignments and a view of over a third of Ireland on a clear day.

  • Cheis (pronounced “kaysh” Caves of Keash Hill, Morrigan's mountain where the story and tradition of Bhride, Brigid, commenced and where Ireland’s Arthurian King, Cormac mac Airt was born.

  • Moytura, a mythical land famous for the arrival of the Tuatha De Dannan, Lugh's Seat, Lake of Balor's Eye and several other mythical sites among its surreal lakeside landscape.

  • Lasier's Sacred Well, below Cill Roanan mountain, where it said that women visited before Bealtine to see visions of their future mates. Nearby, harp bard Turlough O' Carolan rests.

  • Shannon Pot, source of the Shannon, a beautiful peaceful place with a remarkable goddess legend

  • The Burren of Cavan, a fairytale woodland dell on a rocky plain that is full of hidden ancient megalithic sacred sites

  • Our beautiful remote coastline of pristine beaches, prehistoric fossils and ancient stone circles

  • Sites around the huge yet somewhat shrouded Lough Erne in Co. Fermanagh alive with ancient traditions and folklore that eventually created the Jolly Roger skull and crossbones flag.

  • and we have many more choices of court cairns, sacred wells, ceremonial rings, holy mountains and ancient royal courts of kings, bards, druids, seers and healers

Experience choices :

Rather than just tour and see sites and scenery its good to do something you may not normally do at home. These activities can really add to your Ireland experience. See if there is anything here that attracts you …..

  • horse riding

  • falconry

  • boating or canoeing

  • surfing, very popular on our coasts

  • cycling

  • hill walking

  • bird watching

  • kite flying

  • straw craft coaching

  • painting coaching

  • photography coaching

  • golfing

  • suggest other activity ideas

Entertainment :

After dinner, some travellers like to be alone to read, walk, write their journals or have quiet reflection time. For other travellers the following entertainment is an important part of their Ireland experience.

  • traditional turf fired pubs with music and song sessions

  • fireside cottage ceilis with stories, poetry, ballads and laughter

  • an evening of songs and stories by my lovely partner singer harpist Claire Roche

Become A Bard

We offer our travellers the opportunity to turn their vacation into a retreat to Become A Bards, in their own way.

Many people in the rhythm of their work and home life tend to set aside less and less time for themselves, connection to their inspirations and expression of their creativity. Most of us seem to live a life of service, often working with a “to do list” full of what we have to do for others and allowing very little space for being heard, recognised and appreciated.

While you are on vacation with us we want you to be heard, recognised and appreciated, and you can do this by being a “Becoming A Bard”. This is actually very simple.  

Old stories of Bards talk of them as being the spreaders of gossip, the tabloid news of ancient times. This was true for a niche of them. It was this niche that Columcille aimed to strip of recognition when he returned to Ireland, from Iona, to form the “Order Of Bards”.

A true bard is a person who connects to nature, allows the spirit of nature to flow, and let the songs, writings and poems flow from this spirit and inspiration. John O’Donohue, famous for his Anam Cara book, and now film, says that we are all priests but few allow themselves the opportunity to be so. This is something we encourage our travellers to be on vacations with us.

You can ask more from here    

Pricing :

A 3 days and 3 nights touring or retreat vacation is now only €285, per person sharing
then €95 per person sharing for each additional day and night
eg. a 7 day and 7 nights vacation is now only €665, sharing
Single non-sharing supplement is €20 extra per day

What you get:

  • eco farmhouse accommodation with breakfast

  • transport and driver

  • guide

Not covered:

  • lunch, dinner, beverages,

  • third party activity fees

Extend your 3 day vacation into a self drive vacation around Ireland

We can arrange car rental and transport you to your car rental depot at our nearby Knock Airport. One way rentals to your departure airport is easy to arrange.

The secret to us being able to offer you this vacation at low cost is booking you into the same farmhouse accommodation among the sacred mountains and beside the ethereal lakes of Co. Sligo for your entire vacation. We follow an itinerary that you choose from a menu of choices presented each morning.

If you prefer a more mobile vacation that experiences more accommodation and travels a wider part of Ireland you may prefer our Celtic Celebration Tours, priced from €130 per day, €910 per 7 night week.

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