Claire Roche/Two Worlds US tour latest

Our Two Worlds USA our has to be re-posted. I have been swamped with planning work for upcoming tours, events and workshops in Ireland and USA and have not been able to broadcast updates on online pages yet. That was the intent this weekend and still an intent for tomorrow. Quick run off for now though …

March 11 Ormond Beach, FL
March 13 New Orleans
March 14 Birmingham AL
March 16 Saluda SC
March 17 Hot Springs NC
March 18 Waynesville NC
March 19 Nashville TN
March 20 or 21 Urbana IL
March 22 Tulsa OK
March 23 Alberquerque NM
March 25 Kayenta UT
March 26 Denver CO
March 27 Omaha NE
March 29 Madison WS

Best thing for now is to contact me for full details of city and town that interests you, until I can get a full promo up around the net.

Contact me here

So looking forward to this US tour.

Lots and lots of interest, which is what is keeping me busy



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