Two Worlds USA Tour March 2009

Two Worlds is singer harper Claire Roche and John of Celtic Ways

We have a two part show, extending from our March 2008 tour in the USA

First part is a combination of ancient Celtic stories through folk drama and songs accompanied by harp.
These are from our “Seven Tales of Celtic Ways”

Second part is a selection of Irish songs and stories by Claire by request accompanied by harp. Sing-alongs are encouraged and lyric sheets will be available.

I am also considering travelling with a mobile labyrinth for folks to try out at the break, but that’s just an idea at the moment. We also hope to feature special guests on our travels, especially dancers and story tellers that enhance the show.

Here’s the itinerary but several venues are not yet confirmed so please do invite us.

We can help you arrange a house concert too. This is my how-to on house concerts

  • March 11th (Wednesday)  Jacksonville or St. Augustine FL (booked) 

  • March 12th (Thursday)  Pensecola FL

  • March 14th (Saturday)  New Orleans LA (booked)

  • March 15th (Sunday)  Birmingham or Tuscaloosa AL

  • March 17th (Tuesday) Asheville NC

  • March 19th (Thursday) Nashville TN

  • March 21st (Saturday) Urbana IL (booked)

  • March 22nd (Sunday) Kansas City KS

  • March 23rd (Monday) Colorado Springs CO

  • two days with Navajo music, stories, sand paintings and rock art in Utah

  • March 26th (Thursday) Denver CO

  • March 27th (Friday)  Omaha NE

  • March 29th (Sunday) Madison WS (booked)

Please let us know if you would like to come to one of our shows.

For those with venues please contact us. As our show is small theatre based the ideal venues are house concerts, small theatres and churches. We have also enjoyed Celtic style stores and galleries that have a performance area. I think you’ll like our terms to assist a little with funding of your venue. No sound equipment is needed if the venue is small.

I have two nice videos of Claire live

Here’s an TV interview with music on an Australian TV channel

Here’s Claire performing Fields of Fasseroe at Tara Hill church

Also we do welcome invites from broadcasters along the above route.

To invite us or request to come to one of our shows please use my contact page
or message me from Facebook or Twitter


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