Twitter and Tea

As internet use evolves and new applications appear, so does my daily routine. I am sure it must be the same for you readers. Mornings use to start with answering some emails and checking out web links sent by email. Then blogging came along so mornings commenced with checking out my blog reader, and Yahoo reader is still my favourite though the Google reader is getting my attention.  Next MySpace got priority as a social site, but Facebook soon took over. Now its Twitter that gets priority.

My morning routine now is usually light the turf fires, put on the kettle and porridge and with the first tea made open up the laptop in the kitchen check out what’s being posted on Twitter, then make my comment, a micro blog of my day ahead or sharing a link or two that fascinates me and may intrigue my followers.

This morning I followed a twitter link posted by writer Nick Daws to a TwitTip blog post by Darren Rowse from ProBlogger. How Darren and Nick find the time to write all they write and share amazes me.  Anyway, here’s a link to a blog I can relate to considerably.

In this article Darren also provides a wonderful selection of tools for enhancing our Twitter use and experiences.

Darren does emphasise using Twitter more for interactive dialogue that involves sharing links through discussion. He indicates that Twitter’s popularity grows through discussions and not through broadcasts, which is true of most applications and services on the internet now. Marketing these days is more about attracting clients through personalities than blasting products and services into prospects faces.

When I read Twitter I tend to find the conversation posts very cliched and full of repeated short dialogue blasts like “way cool”,  “plz LOL”, etc. and wonder what is being conversed. There is a social media jargon that has developed with many joining the club to share it. I tend to wonder what depth of spirit and wisdom is truly shared within that club.

Darren’s article introduces us to some of the many third party applications and services that can help us tune into Twitter conversations that are truly connected to our interests. Some time I will check this out. It may be better than using my morning Yahoo reader.

Personally, at present, I prefer the broadcasting posts to the chat on Twitter. I follow friends, teachers, writers, media and business people I admire and love to read what they are up to and sometimes they provide useful online links to check up. Really, I do not want much chat in the morning but some links are an inspiration for the day, such as Nick’s link to Darren that has inspired me to write and share this with you.

For chat, I prefer to see what’s happening on Facebook in the evening, from time to time. I still find that to be my favourite place for chat due to its many options such as live chat, groups, pages, wall posting and personal private messaging.

So, after my Twitter and morning tea, time for another cuppa, check out my Yahoo Reader, for news headlines on what I choose to read, and the weather forecast for Ballinafad, our area. Then its check emails for inquiries and important matters that need response, and maybe a bit of time on Facebook before starting my working day …..

……. but, these days, often my working day is now made possible by what I read and post on

Many of my inquiries now are rooted from posts and messages I leave on Twitter, that also feed automatically into Facebook.





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