Music For Your Heart

As I am overweight and meet many people of my age experiencing heart problems and are already on daily heart medicines I tend to think a lot about my heart health. At present I am grateful that my days usually now include some gardening, mainly with the labyrinth, or walking hills and country paths to hidden ancient sacred sites. I am sure this reduces my heart problem risks that may come from being overweight. So far, thorough health checks have shown no problems present or developing.

However, I have just read an article that may explain the real reason why I can be grateful for not having heart problems yet.

More than gardening and hiking I tend to laugh a lot and listen to music I enjoy. I was overjoyed to read this article that explains in simple language a research that revealed why music we enjoy and laughing are so essential in our lives.

Of course this is not foolproof. One exception is the remarkable pianist and keyboard player, Rick Wakeman who has as much passion for comedy as he has for music yet he has been plagued with heart problems.

Anyway, I feel laughter and music, along with gardening and hiking to sacred places works for me so I hope this article inspires a healthier as well as happier life for you all.



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