is Twitter Too Loud?

I may not have got it, or maybe not, as I think Twitter is what you make of it.

Normally, I go online at breakfast time and after my evening meal. Its when I look at my Yahoo reader, Facebook, Reverb Nation, YouTube and Twitter as well as emails. 

My favourite moments on both Twitter and Facebook are reading what people are doing, those up to 140 digit microblog announcements. I enjoy the biz announcements as well as the social and day to day comment announcements too.  

Some of those announcements get my attention and on Facebook leads me through to links where the announcement can be commented on and sometimes leads to entertaining and even learning discussions in public or private,  and sometimes a biz deal.

On Twitter, the whole thing takes place on one page, the announcements and the discussions. I find people on Twitter with very interesting bios so I click to follow them only to have my pages crammed with chat. It takes me awhile to sift through what is being chatted about before there’s any chance of joining in.

However, compared to Facebook, the chat seems to be very cliche and sound byte driven on Twitter compared to coffee house style chat that I enjoy on Facebook. Twitter, to me, is seeming more like elevator chat, with the limitations to say what you can between floors so the simple solution is to stick to cliches to ensure conversation is closed before the next floor ….. but then is anything really said, or more important, shared?

So, I do find myself cancelling the “Follow” button on Twitter when someone is entirely in chat mode rather than announcing and sharing info and links. I find myself wishing there were two levels of Twitter, one that gives the “what are you doing or looking at” kind of statements followed by an optional second level link to go away and chat about the announcement subject if it interests you.

Maybe there is a third party Twitter application that does this?
Please link me to it if you know of this.

Right now, I do use Twitter as a priority over Facebook for announcements as it does link with Facebook and serves two sets of friends/followers, a nice time saver. However, I wish I did not feel the urge to delete Follow with many remarkable people just because the chat is too loud and it takes so long to wade through it to find something interesting they have to say.

I am also amazed how long these “professionals” spend online on Twitter as I cannot see how it enhances their actual productivity. Before social media, how long could we afford to sit in a cafe, or even a bar, and talk to people?

I am wondering if there is a debilitating social media addiction developing. Many Twitter people are now communicating a kind of snobbery “hey, we know how to work Twitter because we are nerdy and you are not”, To me it comes over like a non drinker entering a pub and the drinkers communicating how they have some kind of superiority over you because they are drinking alcohol and you are not, the most assertive of these being the actual alcoholics.

So do you think I am missing something on Twitter, or on the other pole have I discovered more wisdom about Twitter than most, or is it simply my own interpretation that a two level Twitter would work better for efficiency, time saving and even reduced luring to social media addiction?

Facebook, I have no problem with.  I love it!

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