Ireland : Great value for USA visitors now

Not sure which it is, euro lowering or dollar rising, but the currency exchange rate for USA visitors to Ireland is currently the best it has been for over 5 years. Our fuel prices have come right down which is a huge help with my touring work if it keeps this way and I note airlines have reduced prices because of this too.

Not so good for Irish people doing their Christmas shopping in New York and Chicago this year. London and Belfast provide the best rates for Irish people this holiday season.

Right now, I can budget a 3 day, 2 night short break starting at around 250 euros
and an 8 day, 7 nights vacation starting at around 950 euros

A €950 vacation last July cost $1550 but today would cost just over $1200

Those of you who travelled with us last summer spent much more on their vacations. To keep within a 950 euros budget your vacation over 7 nights would have to be split over no more than two hotels and these hotels would have to be geared up for bus tours providing budget yet still yummy dinner menus inclusive. 

Sticking to two hotels over 7 or 8 days restricts how much of Ireland you cover, but I think that is a good thing. I am now convinced that the best experience is to enjoy part of Ireland and absorb yourself in it. Personally, though its stunningly postcard beautiful Kerry is not my first choice. For the best Ireland experience I feel the best two hotel bases are Co. Sligo and Co. Donegal.

I do personally advise investing a bit more on your vacation to enjoy more pampering style hotels. No matter how the day goes it always becomes a good day when a lovely meal and a good bed is there at the end of the day.

There’s no way of telling how the currencies will swing between now and next summer. The dollars you pay are what the euro rate happens to be at the time. Our own euro is the fixed currency here so it is usually best to pay for a vacation in advance when the exchange rate is favourable. I just cannot say if it will improve for you or not over the coming months.

What is certain is that visiting Ireland at today’s rates has not been as good value for a long, long time.

Also, its a country you can come to at any time. Daylight hours are short in winter, with darkness by 5:00 pm during November and February and 4:00 pm during December and January but evenings can be very cozy. Great time for workshops and learning the celebration traditions. We have very few frosty nights and snow is rare. Contrary to what people say full days of rain are quite rare with most of them being during July and August. For example, we have had a beautiful November here in Co. Sligo with only yesterday giving us a good dose of rain for about 5 hours. 

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