Instinct Of Attraction

Two online posts interested me today and, to me, they were very related.

They aligned my back to the mission behind the work I do and how I try to go about it. I wonder if this would do the same for you?

First was a micro-blog on Facebook by excellent Co. Cork artist, John Ogden, who was asking why he has more friends on his Facebook profile page than fans on his Facebook presentation page.

My response was “because, I think, most people are interested in the person or persons behind the work or business is much more interesting. I think that's wonderful as people, when they are ready, will be attracted to your work because they know something about you rather than being sold something. I bet many folks here would visit your gallery or a travelling exhibition first, same reasons”.

One of his fans followed later with a comment that Initialy agreed with the above but emphasised it was seeing John’s paintings first before knowing about the man is what stunned her. So there are exceptions, and this was also true about how I met Claire. The music came first and I delightfully grew to know her later. However, I still think these two exceptions are becoming a minority now.

Let me know what you think.

The second post was one of the many helpful posts by music biz coach, who is probably more accurately described today as “media coach”, Bob Baker, who referred to a blog by music biz blogger Bob Lefsetz.

“Re-calibrate Your Music Career” is the title of the blog by Bob Lefsetz

I’ll cut and past the section Bob Baker published, from this blog

  • It's time to re-calibrate.

  • Don't even worry about hits.

  • Uniqueness plays to your advantage.

  • It's about growing your niche to the point it can support you.

  • Focus on how you can keep your core satiated,

  • how you can grow that core,

  • not how you can leapfrog into major media exposure.

  • It's not about impressing the gatekeepers,

  • but making sure your audience has enough music to listen to, to pass along.

Personally, I do not think this advice is limited to the music industry

What was called “Web 2”, and now more often called “Social Networking” has really changed business marketing and how consumers now buy

The people of the world are now linked up more than ever before. This now creates choices that people have never had before. There is no need to jump at advertiser offers as we now know that we can make choices. We can easily find reviews about products, find other consumers around the world and ask their opinions and, most important, we can find out and share a lot about the people behind any product or service.

Every person that has a profile or page on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, Yahoo360, etc. can grow their network around their niche whether its their profession, business, art, hobby and sport, and then their niche networks exchange with other niche networks, which really turns into a networking and partnering of individuals.

Now, people are entering back into more closed niche networks, a sort of reminder of the online BBS days of the 80s before web browsers joined everyone up during the 90s and social sites now doing this in the 90s. Closed invitation only network services like Ning, Meet Up, and Tribe are developing with the image of people of similar interests “belonging to something special”. I am sure they will develop into controlled conduits into the major player social networks, just like the control of exposure of corporate intranets onto the internet.

Is now all done with Attraction and not Persuasion. 

I speak a bit science fiction here using the words conduits and networks but these have become the online tools that have made it so easy to contact people socially. This is proved by the wonderful re-connections with friends and family that were once believed to be lost and out of reach. For this reason I feel something like Facebook is so valuable for our seniors. I cannot see how anyone can be lonely if they spent some time on Facebook. Its not all online. Facebook encourages a lot of offline activity too with folks meeting in pubs, cafes and community places.

I read in another posting a few days ago, wish I could remember where, but it mentioned that doing business on social networks is not about broadcasting our products but discovering how to help people with our niche knowledge. This may be backed up by the person we help following up with a purchase of products and services we offer, but that should not be the up front intention any more.

Bob Baker is a great example. He has tons of free help out there with his own blogs and comments he’s made to blogs but from time to time you may want a little more help so you look to buy a product or two from Bob. I do that from time to time.

To find out more about these talented folks mentioned above  here’s the links

John Ogden, painter

Bob Baker, media coach

Bob Lefsetx, music coach

Why is this a Celtic Ways blog post?  

I know that folks who subscribe to this blog and check it out from searches are looking for posts on Celtic traditions, mythology, celebrations, shamanism and spirituality and find me lately writing about social sites, videos, blogs and various online tools.

The actual core of intent with what I do was reminded to me today by a Facebook friends who privately forwarded me details of a course being held in Dublin in January. called the “Sacred Art Of Living and Dying” guided by Richard Groves, a terrific teacher.

This four part course would be of immense value for workers, counsellors and spiritual directors who’s work is with or heavily connected with hospices. This is not work I currently engage in, though I do not dismiss it.

It was part three of the course that got my attention, attracted me.

In its description it says …..

“Discover the theory and practice of guided imagery”

“Study the acclaimed science based research on the effectiveness of ‘non local’ prayer and healing”

“Be inspired by contemporary lessons found in the Celtic tradition”

“Learn about and walk the labyrinth with its unique history as a symbol of spiritual pilgrimage and personal growth”

A few days ago I was with someone I had “sold” the idea of walking the labyrinth to discover if it would heal personal spiritual pain from trauma. For some reason, that person arrived, looked at the labyrinth from a distance, and walked away.

This person was sold the idea of the labyrinth but had not yet been attracted to me and what I do before using it.

Likewise, nobody has yet responded to my web site and asked if they could visit our labyrinth, but I have received many messages from posts on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, and even this blog, from people coming to and even living in, Ireland who want to visit and use our labyrinth soon.

So I’ll close by inviting you to visit my web site and rather than be sold by what you read there to choose joining one or more of my newsletter list, Facebook through my link there, my blog through the headlines streamed there or ask for the brochure. Its worth doing this before committing any idea of visiting Ireland and investing in sharing what we do.

I started guided tour and retreat services after a spell as a hotel manager in ireland and witnessing what awful value and hospitality many of the guides and their tour operators provided. My heart went to these people, especially from the USA where vacation time is short and most of the folks have never travelled out of their homeland. I wanted to serve them with something of much better value and be restoring. 

I returned to what may be now called shaman roots and learning passed down from my father’s family to serve what I do today. Mind you, like with all things “if you look for the lowest cost deal you end up paying for it”.

So what I serve, I feel, is not the lowest cost deal but the best value deal. I do not think this can be be communicated by a web site alone hence why I hope some of you will be attracted to what we serve here through some servings of personal blogs, comments, photos and video clips that I share as much as I can.

…….. yet my web site is still the shop window and I look forward to meeting up with more of you through the “online social services” this links to   





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