Blogcard from Dubbo, NSW, Australia

Here I am relaxing at a remote farmhouse about 12 miles from Dubbo, perhaps one of the last inland largish towns in New South Wales. My view is over lush rolling hills dotted with lone eucalyptus and other natives trees of Australia. It is very sunny and warm with about 2 hours of sunlight left. Birdlife is abundant with many species in many colours and sizes including the odd small parrot.

Our home for the night is a beautiful apartment with exotic furnishings. On arrival the owner served us with a “grazing plate” of a selection of Aussie cheeses, meats, fish, fruits, salad items and home made chutneys and pickles. Enough here for a family picnic or more. We will also have breakfast served in the morning.

Claire has returned back to Dubbo. I had left an important cable in the church, where Claire had performed this afternoon, so she returned to collect it and explore some sites of Dubbo along with purchasing a few essentials.

The afternoon concert at Dubbo Holy Trinity Church was a joy with about 90 present, though last time Claire played there, at an evening concert it was over 200 people, but 90 is a lovely number too. The church is typical 19th century Anglican, wonderful architecture.

We travelled to Dubbo from Jenolan Caves in the blue mountain and that was a 5 hour drive. Leaving Jenolan Caves we had a black kangaroo jump in front of the car, and a mile further on a regular kangaroo do the same. Both times I could not get my camera fast enough. However, about 5 miles later we saw what looked like a herd of around 40 kangaroos of different sizes, some werevery very young, staring at us and hopping around. Got some good photos and video that time!

Jenolan Caves, the gig of the night before was a dream.

This is a network of caves within the limestone of the blue mountains with staggering stalagnites and stalagtites. One cave is so spectacular with these formations forming like icicle windows, they call it Cathedral Cave and it have a wonderful open area natural for holding spectacular concerts. This is what Claire did. Claire was so comfortable there and provided one of the best performances of her life! I so look forward to having the time to post YouTube clips from this. Quite a young audience there too.

After the Cathedral Cave concert we all returned to the Jenolan Caves hotel nestled in the gorge/canyon by the entrance of the cave. We stayed there for the night but before retiring Claire gave another performance, more ceili style with world favourites like Molly Malone, Wild Mountain Thyme and even Danny Boy, plus a blast of her own song, Pond of Chesterfield, accompanying herself on the lounge piano.

This ended a truly fabulous day, one we will remember for many years to come.

Tomorrow, its a three hour drive back to Bathurst and a concert at Miss Traill’s House. The mock performance a few days ago at Miss Traill’s House and broadcasted on TV has had a huge response.

So here’s to munch from the “grazing plate” and looking forward to sending you another Blogcard in a couple of days time, probably from Mailtland.



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