Blogcard from Brisbane, Australia (part two)

Continuing here in the late morning of Thursday, October 16th, Claire is away around Brisbane for radio, and maybe tv, broadcasts and interviews. I believe the local ABC station is one of them. This time the promotion is for the local Brisbane concerts tonight, Thursday, and Sunday afternoon where Claire performs with the Tara trio and Tara choir.

It is a cloudy, cool, showery and fairly unpleasant day in Brisbane so that’s a wonderful excuse to stay in at the hotel and sort through the hours and hours of video footage from this tour. My laptop hard drive is full and I am not keen on the idea of buying an external hard drive to take on the load. I may try and buy one of the new high volume flash cards that now go up to and over 100 gig and beyond. They are lightweight. Amazing really to think how fast the development of micro storage has become.

In my last blog I mentioned how wonderful our driving journey was between Springville, NSW, about 40 miles north of Maitland, and Brisbane. What was frustrating was the lack of time to visit the wonders on the way. There is so much aborigine heritage on that route for one.

Even more stunning was the town of Glen Innes and I would have liked to have spent a day there. In fact, it was a little heartbreaking to just pass through. There are two wonderful web sites that explain their celebration of merging the town’s Celtic Scottish and Irish heritage with its local aboriginal heritage.

explains the project of creating the town’s stone circle as its gathering place for celebration

explains the celebration itself where elements of Celtic celebration have merged with aboriginal celebration to make it truly Australian and of today.

Perhaps this is still very immigrant white man in its celebration but I think I can see this embracing and melting into the natural aboriginal spirit of Australia over the coming years to make it its own.

I think I mentioned my chat with an aboriginal man at Echo Point who told me that aborigine people are looking at Irish mythology as one of the references for building up their own culture. What I found exciting about this is that it indicates that tribalism is uniting rather than fighting through an awareness of the greater spirit through nature. I also think I have mentioned that I am feeling some excitement from the current change, though I think too many are calling it depression, which I feel is a shift from the current internet driven boom.

Though the internet boom has brought us into a world of more open communication this seems to have translated into accelerated capital commerce. The plus of this has been the remarkable rise from poverty to abundance and comfort in some countries but it has also accelerated greed and the raping of our mother earth and resources.

I do firmly believe we are in change and the start of a new remarkable boom where the new economy will be the saving of the planet and while saving the planet we will return to an abundance that is much more sustainable. However, I appreciate that these words may be of little comfort today for those who yesterday had full food freezers and two cars but today are on the streets knocking on doors for shelter and a meal.

For me, I feel that the unity of tribal spirit is a huge drive forward to enhance this change. Tribes once only had the weather, seasonal changes of nature and the alignment and movement of the stars, constellations and planets to guide them along with the guiding spirit but they had their own stories and interpretations that caused misunderstandings and rivalry. Though the “white man” or Cuthite way is a very single minded and unintentionally destructive in its narrowness and quest for order it does seem that the aboriginal tribal ways have embraced the white man sense of unity and have applied it to their own awareness.

This seems to have widened the toleration between tribes and for an Australian aborigine to openly mention that Irish tradition and mythology is inspiring the rebuild of their culture seems to be something that could never have happened a couple of hundred years ago. I do think the internet has largely driven this wider tolerance and acceptance.

Now it seems to be essentially time for us “white man”, Cuthite types to also embrace the intimacy, connection, flow and celebration that the aboriginal and tribal people have been part of for maybe a million or more years before the white man culture, even spirit, evolved. By doing so I do believe we will enjoy a new world abundance.

When the snake tempted Adam and Eve with an apple I do not think the whole story was told as I feel its perfectly ok to take the apple as long as you can give something back so that there maybe another apple there in the same place next year.

Its seems one “small” thing has been overlooked. The earth does not care if we survive here or not as it will keep on going long after we are gone. The lives of plants, animals and particularly humans is still a small dot on the entire of earth’s life and history so far. Somehow, the earth gave us an opportunity to have a home and be here in total graciousness. I never needed to for survival. This means we are naturally at servitude to it. The earth constantly challenges us with its four elements with water (rain deluge and flooding), air (hurricane and tornadoes), fire (wild fires), and earth (creation of disease, plague and pestilence) but we have the means to flow with these elements to create our own abundance without affecting the earth.

I do feel that when we flow with this mindset of servitude and thanksgiving we will be more ecological and sustaining in how we live our lives and through doing so bring about an exceptional new abundance and comfort of living. I do feel that our new lives will be a surrounding of spirit rather than a surrounding of things but the education and creation of tools for this I am sure will create an economic boom that we have not yet seen, and this time we will not waste our abundance or let others waste this abundance.       

So as I lower myself from this pulpit I will engage in my day in Brisbane.

Not a sightseeing day but a soul and practical catch up day such as dealing with laundry, correspondence, and personal well being maintenance while looking forward to meeting up with Claire later for a delightful concert evening with Claire accompanied by the Tara Trio and Tara Choir here in Brisbane in the studio-theatre of 4MBS Classical FM Radio Studio, 384 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo, Brisbane.

Until Blogcard from Brisbane, part three, maybe Friday or Saturday, I wish you all well.



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