Blogcard from Aukland, New Zealand

I’m sitting here at Aukland airport waiting for my connecting flight to Christchurch in the South Island. From there I will drive to Wanaka, hoping to arrive before midnight, though 1:00 am will be more like it. My daughter Ivy may well be finishing work then. I hope to catch up with her tonight, though.

Weather is beautiful, sunny, comfortably warm, in Aukland. I was treated to a very clear landing and Aukland is a truly scenic town with surrounding green rolling hills landscapes, lakes, inlets and wild beaches around. Fascinating!

It was hard leaving Australia this morning as the visit and tour treated us so well. Claire’s concert with the Tara choir at the Tara Ballroom in Brisbane was a stunning sort of finale with attendance of almost 500 people on a Sunday afternoon !!!

Not quite a finale for Claire who has 3 shows at the St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney during the morning, lunch time and afternoon of Tuesday 21st October. While I am here in Aukland Claire is driving to Sydney.

Tara Ballroom was a unique experience and I wonder how my video of that show will come out. During some of the songs there was rapturous singing but they also were very quiet and appreciative of the quiet and contemplative songs.

Well, I am being called to the Christchurch plane, so maybe next Blogcard will be from Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand.





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