Harps Around Ireland

Harp2A quick intro into a developing project by
Claire Roche and Celtic Ways

Partially, this is dedicated to a forgotten tradition of the travelling bard who sang songs and accompanied himself, later herself, with a harp. Perhaps the most famous singer harper in modern times is Mary O’Hara who inspired several women and some men to try the same.

Most harpers, for the past 300 years, have employed a vocalist to sing their songs but Around Ireland there are wonderful singers who accompany themselves with the harp. Claire Roche would like to share some of the people with you.

Then we also step back into the tradition, a mythological tradition, of how the harp arrived in Ireland. Stories of how the harp was a Veil Between Two Worlds, between those on earth and the larger circle of the otherworld, the faerie world.

We aim to create Harps Around Ireland into a multi-presentation of concerts, workshops, media and vacations around Ireland that links you with singer harpists, their traditions and the beautiful landscapes of Erin that are home to the mythology that gave birth to the beautiful songs and music of Harps Around Ireland.

We will develop our website on this soon but meanwhile do visit and even join in and comment on our Harps Around Ireland page on Facebook.

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  1. I have recently become familiar with an absolutely lovely celtic harp musician. Her name is Anne Roos. She has some wonderful CDs that I listen to often. I have downloaded them to my iPod and I carry the CDs in my car. ou can find her music on her website at http://tinyurl.com/68xw8r The name of her website is Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos

    Christine Buffaloe

  2. Yes, I am familiar with the wonderful music of Anne Roos who must bring a lot of joy to those she performs for.

    Harps Around Ireland will be a dedication and presentation the singer bard harpers of Ireland in Ireland.

    There will have to be a time that I would like to present Harpers Around The World, as my list of those I enjoy in the USA alone is quite long.


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