Fall Equinox in Ireland 2008


Perhaps the highlight of this time in Ireland now is the Fall Equinox sunrise at Loughcrew Cairn T, which I prefer to refer to as the high cairn of Carnbane East on Slieve na Cailleach Bearra, but that is a mouthful.

The weather in Ireland at present is terrific with sun and clear sky and this is is forecasted to stay that way for the next 5 days at least. This means an extremely popular presence at Loughcrew over the next 2 or 3 mornings.

Ireland’s Office of Public Works will have staff in attendance at Cairn T tomorrow morning, Sunday, September 21st and on Monday September 22nd, which is really the equinox day this year. They will open the cairn from 7.15am until 8.30am. There is no charge.

The attraction of Cairn T is the sunrise beam following the path of sun symbols along the back stone as the sun rises.

The passage chamber is smallish so only 5 or 6 people can be inside at a time. As it is likely to be popular this year those who enter are asked to take a quick look and then allow others to share the phenomenon.

Climbing to the top of Carnbane East is quite aerobic. It is very important that to dress warmly and wear sensible walking shoes, preferably waterproof. The steepish climb can be slippery on a frosty morning, which may well happen during the next morning or two due to the clear nights.

I wish folks could visit Tuesday and Wednesday too when the phenomenon will still be present, but the entrance key will not be available.

I wish I could be there, but other duties call ……..

Celtic Ways

I will honour Equinox on Sunday and Monday by engaging in further work plotting our Labyrinth during the mornings

Of course, you can visit if this is more convenient for you than Loughcrew as you can walk half of the Labyrinth now, which is also a complete ritual. Our Labyrinth is a dual labyrinth so it can be used for either a personal restoration ritual or a ritual of two people in union. Each of the two sections has a trinity path and the entire structure is woven from seven circles. This is my own design taken from ancient inspirations.

I treat Equinox as an observance time rather than celebration time as it is a reminder to us to gather and store our remaining harvests, but for most of us a reminder to plan to complete and close our projects and become accountable for the Samhain ahead.

This is certainly true with us here as I am now starting serious sorting, packing and moving into our new home at centre at Carrowcrory which we have to settle into and prepare for our Samhain Open day on November 8th, which will be a celebration.

To visit me during Equinox Sunday, or Monday
i.e. John of Celtic Ways as Claire will be starting her journey to Australia,
phone 071 918 9377 
text 087 206 5708
online message  http://www.celticways.com/contact

Each day I will be providing an afternoon guided tour of Carrowkeel
2:00 pm until about 5:00 pm,  € 20 per person
I can also pick you up from Boyle, connecting with trains and buses there at 1:30 pm, and connect you back to your public transport (€ 2.50 extra per person each way).

This tour is definitely on as some people have already booked.  



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