The Quest We Seek

Someone forwarded me a link to a Robin Williamson interview in Bath, England, a couple of days ago. He and his wife Bina are performing for a festival there.

This reminded me why he is also an inspiration for what I and even what Claire and I do together

Quotes ......

"It relates so well to our music which is all about getting away from the mass marketed X Factor of the 21st century and re-engaging with a deeply spiritual lifestyle. Getting to the real essence of being human. It's a celebration of being alive - spiritual but without being sectarian.

"We try to work together using the genuine connection of our own marriage to relate to the things we have in common, a poly-cultural thing. It reminds people what they share rather than their differences,"

I wondered whether these songs and stories were from their own imagination, or all based in myth and legend?

"It's a mixture of several things - the mystery and fascination of being here at all. The things people tell us combined with our own experiences but always based on tradition in some way."

"Everything we do now is still based on finding that 'once upon a time' moment in yourself. It's an adventure. The quest for human happiness that is more relevant now than it has ever been."That last quote I have now used to headline my Celtic Ways home page as, to me, it sums up what our tours, performances and workshops are really about.



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