Going On A Social Site Crawl

For years, even before graphical browsers so I’m going back into the 80s, it was forums and newsgroups and then we had MySpace and quickly followed on by Facebook and Bebo, Yahoo grouped services to become Yahoo 360, Google linked all of its services into a singular log on, YouTube for videos, Flickr and Picasa turned photo albums into social sites and dormant sites like Plaxo re-wrote its code to compete with the best including networking us with our other social sites. Regular web sites like Trip Advisor and Info Hub transformed into active Social sites, and many newspaper and television web sites have taken on the social sites formula.

Suddenly we were out of the pubs and at home chatting and exchanging with people and even making very important business deals with each other.

Now the most successful pubs are those that are part of the virtual social site circuit, as there is still nothing like meeting our “virtual” friends in person. Even successful festivals are emerging from our online social activity.

…… but it can seem like a muddle and overwhelming to the unfamiliar as the online social is a kind of culture.

It seems to be our mature and elder people who find this world overwhelming yet it is they who would gain the most from this new culture. As a fringe senior myself I am amazed how these social sites have contacted me with my past that I thought I had lost such as re-union with lost friends and family, re-connection with memories, passions, honing old skills I thought I had lost and even obtaining some items I would love to have back in my life.

I just looked in my folder and discovered that I am signed into 43 social sites, but home many of these can we be dedicated regulars to, just like we used to be regulars with certain pubs and clubs, and many of us still are.

Anyway, this week I went on a social site crawl and exchanged words, pics and videos at some along the way.

Three social sites got my attention this week.


I have not visited this service for about 3 or 4 years but when a friend invited me to link up with him there I thought I had better visit. When I last visited Plaxo it was merely an address book utility that can be accessed anywhere in the world by PC or mobile phone. I was amazed to find that it is now a corridor to most of the social sites that I am signed up with. Within this corridor there seems to be a passing by and alert system to friends and contacts from these various networks. After visiting and tweaking some info I was amazed who was alerted and contacted me. I think this is going to be a very useful service in the future.

The Pulse service is remarkable for automatically billboarding and broadcasting material we post elsewhere and there are plans to expand this to remarkably integrate video and even live TV and VideoCast feeds.

There is a calendar utility, but I have not ventured into this as I try to keep my Yahoo Upcoming up to date and still struggle with making the most of Eventful which I still find is an awkward program yet potentially full of genius.


A new one for me. I signed up but have not done much with this yet, but does seem very useful.

Recommended to me by writers who found this network circulated their work well, and I can see why. This is a blog circulating network but works best for blogs that are truly features with content.

For one, I know that everything I write in this blog gets an automatic linkage and circulation there and writers also submit their articles directly, including introductory pages to their books.

I look forward to exploring and using Zimbio in the future and sharing with more friends there.


I’ve written a separate blog post about this wonderful service.

You can read it here.



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