The Thatcher Arrived!

Lots of action during the past two days.

Broadband arrived in our remote part of Ireland, which has automatically changed how we connect with people, of course.

….. and the thatcher arrived for the Roofing of our new Celtic Ways Centre with its “Ceili Hearth” kitchen, “Two Worlds” little theatre and soon its Labyrinth Garden.

Also I am setting in BlogJet that I like to post blogs with so this is a test for now, and I will be editing and expanding this blog post soon to share with you what is happening at our centre.

So here goes ….





  1. Best wishes on the broadband thing.
    It does make a huge difference.
    Hope all is well on your side of the world.

    Moonstrings :)
    aka bob&vicki
    from yahoo 360


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