Irish Genealogy Tours

How To Trace & Visit The Places Of Your Ancestors

Many Celtic Ways requests from the past few months have been requests for help to track down the places of Irish ancestry, to re-unite with the sites of past family.

We will help you get to the former homes of family members, current living relatives that still live nearby so you can hear their stories, and visits to the graves of folks of your past.

We are now going to make visiting your ancestry possible from our new “Tintean Clairseach” centre through offering a day of orientation and providing a hired/rental car with maps and info to help you create your journeys and discoveries into your family, tribal and clan past. Large family groups may even prefer are larger fully transported guided tours.

I will fill in details of itineraries, rates etc. soon
but here are some links to get you started on your homework.

Irish Family Research

Perhaps the most comprehensive research resource with a scale of annual or monthly database access fees based on the depth of research you need to make.

Ancestry Ireland

Wonderful diy resource projects with links to several useful databases.

Go Ireland Search

Needs to have name of ancestor being researched, and any known information on the ancestor’s parents name and locations, €70 per search, €20 refunded if not successful, takes approx 28 days for each search.

Go Ireland Birth & Basptismal Search

Perhaps more useful if you are sure of a birth county of an ancestor. Records in all counties go back to 1864 though many north and west counties, plus Co. Wicklow, have records that go back earlier. Cost is €45 per search with €20 refunded if not successful.

Gravestone Research

Nice new free utility but so far only covers 10 counties, Ulster and connecting, though Mayo comes online soon. This will be wonderful as it expands.

My Genealogist

Personal service costing from around €700 to €6000 depending on the depth of research you want. This takes time and should be booked months before your intended visit to Ireland, but service is value for money considering the leg work this would save you.

Irish Times Ancestor Research

Easy to use and maybe a good place to start to provide general ideas of where you should dig deeper.

Fianna Guide To Irish Genealogy

Library Of Congress : Irish Genealogy Research

Roots Web Guide To Tracing Irish Family Trees

Useful planning and organizing advice



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