Killinaskully, like the Save Tara campaign? - review

As I write I am watching the first episode in the latest Killinaskully series, with Pat Shortt, about to become world famous with his lead role in the movie Garage, just released. Is this a spoof on the Save Tara campaign?

In this episode, Saturday evening 8:30 pm, October 7th, the locals are campaigning for the re-routing of a proposed by-pass around Killinaskully due to the discovery of an ancient hidden sacred site of the "Order Of The Stoat".

Quote of the program so far....

"Politicians are like nappies (diapers) and should be changed often for the same reasons".

The priest tries to arrange a local protest, only to find their enthusiasm wanes quickly after recalling how long "the troubles" lasted.

Meanwhile local politician and "in charge of everything" Willie Power goes missing and gossip runs around the village to speculate what he is doing.

Meanwhile, Willie Power happens to have inherited an exclusive membership to the secret "Order Of The Stoat". Through secret undercover meetings with influential Dublin people he discovers where to find the meeting of the exclusive "Order Of The Stoat", only to find that under their cloaks the whole village, except the Priest are members .....

and I'll leave the end for you to discover.  Very clever, very funny.



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