Claire & John : USA Tour March 2008

We have booked to tour the USA during March 2008,

and where we would like to visit and perform is quite ambitious. Several things will have happened by then.

It started when Claire was invited to perform at the Spiritual Director’s Conference in Washington DC, towards the end of March.

Added to that will be the USA release of my book “The Harp: A Veil Between Two Worlds” on March 5th.

By March Claire should also have three new CDs released, quite a feat.

Her passionate original songs and piano collection, title yet not decided, provides a wonderful follow up to her “Out Of The Ordinary: Songs Of Love and Parting”.

During her forthcoming tour of Australia Claire is recording Irish songs with the Tara Singers choir in Brisbane, a perfect follow up to her “Lilt Of The Banshee” collection

We are also talking about compiling another CD to accompany both my book and new Ireland tour called “Around Bhride’s Garden”. There are several wonderful songs Claire has been performing during the past four years, that are not on cds yet, that would be perfect for this collection. The Brigid’s song, “Gabhain Molte Bride” is my own favourite and inspiration.

We are available to perform a selection of performances and presentations that can fit into a very wide range of venues.

Here’s what we can offer:

“Journey”, an intimate or concert performance of songs by Claire with harps and/or piano

“In Comes I” an entertaining interactive folk drama performance or workshop led by John providing  an interpretation of Ireland’s ancient mythology based on the stories within “The Harp: A Veil Between Two Worlds”.

“Around Bhride’s Garden” a slide, video and storytelling presentation of our tours of hidden Ireland.

…… and a combination of the above.

Suited venues could be:

community arts theaters
college theater or studio
yoga, healing and meditation retreats
stores that sell books, music, yoga, and meditation aids
cozy cafes
house or garden concert or gathering event

….. and Claire also provides a wonderful festival performance due to her rapport with audiences.  

We could provide more than one performance in a town or area such as:

lunch time in a store
afternoon in a church or garden
evening in a theater

Here is our rough plan, based on where our largest pockets of fans and past travellers are living. Unfortunately this list does miss out several states where we also have many friends such as New York, Indiana, Idaho, Washington State, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Georgia, Virginia ….. so if folks from these states can recommend a venue or are able to host a venue please let us know and we can adjust.

March 11/12    Wisconsin    (Madison?)

March 13/14    Chicago & Illinois  ( Urbana?)

March 15/16/17    Northern California

March 18/19/20     Southern California

March 21/22     Austin, Texas

March 23/24     North Florida  (St. Augustine?)

March 25/26     North Carolina  (Asheville?)

March  27/28/29/30   Spiritual Director's Event  Washington DC 

So if anyone can host one or two events for us in their home area, or know anyone who can please let us know asap. Funding should not be too difficult to work out. As well as promoting what we are doing we can also work out ways to make such events expand awareness and popularity of what you do.

The best way is to contact us is through either

Claire’s inquiry page

John’s inquiry page

We do not give out email addresses on our web sites because of the nuisance caused by spam spiders who crawl the net looking for these. These inquiry pages are email templates that send us emails without the spam spiders picking up where we are. Once we receive an introduction email from you this way, then we can continue our chat the normal email way with our Outlook Express, Eudora etc.



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