David Nigel Lloyd at Markree Castle

David Nigel Lloyd,
a California Bard coming to Co. Sligo

David Nigel Lloyd, who will be performing in the chapel at Markree Castle on Tuesday July 10th, is known in his home town in California as the Bard of Bakersfield.
California boasts many fine players of traditional Irish and Scottish music. David Nigel Lloyd, more commonly known as DNL, has been popular within the California Celtic music scene for many years.

DNL's popularity has grown through his talent of re-writing and arranging Celtic songs to suit his local California desert culture. For example,  and old ballad’s elfin knight becomes a familiar ‘desert rat’. One of his most popular songs is ‘Chuchulainn in Bakersfield’. Of interest to Co. Sligo audiences, David has replaced historically inaccurate traditional verses within a couple of songs with verses from William Butler Yeats’ poems.
DNL accompanies himself on an eight-stringed octar, a mongrel mandocello-like instrument; on a steel-stringed guitar with a unique drop-tuning; and on a nylon string guitar tuned regularly. Good Times Weekly in Santa Cruz, California called DNL “one of the finest acoustic guitar pickers on the West Coast”.
With his “spirited singing and full-bodied playing” as Dirty Linen magazine described his performance, DNL is quite a fun packed story teller too. His Celtic style music also surprisingly wanders into other world styles ranging from Peruvian music to Delta blues.
On his latest CD, "Rivers Kings and Curses", David includes some of wonderful desert musicians of County Kern California along with Scottish Incredible String Band bard, Robin Williamson,  and legendary blues man, Nat Dove.
DNL was born in Kenya and lived in England before immigrating to California in 1962. His early music career found him in bands with Glenn Cornick, formerly with Jethro Tull, and Rock n� Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Billy Bass.
As well as performing as a bard around the west of USA and working with England's Martin Carthy on his USA tours, DNL serves as a director of the Arts Council of Kern, a rural California county that larger than Belgium.

We are lucky to be able to host David Nigel Lloyd's first and only Ireland performance at Markree Castle Chapel, Collooney, Co. Sligo, Tuesday, July 10th, 9:30 pm.  

DNL's show will be opened by singer harpist, Claire Roche, well known and loved by folks who attend her concerts within the annual Yeats festival.  10 euros cover,  5 euros with dinner or free if you stay the night.


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