Angels & Energies! Do they make sense?

Our “Veil Between Two Worlds” tours attract a wonderful mix of people though many are women who have lived on this earth for over 35 years, usually with wonderful husbands they are still deeply in love with, have raised their families and are now enjoying the freedom to explore again and develop new interests and skills. More important, they have time for themselves again.

Many of our travellers have interests that connect them to what comes under a loose name of “new age”, though its seemingly not so “new” these days so that is a term less used each year.

However, two words from the “new age” culture do seem to be gaining strength and have cause me to think deeply about them during the last few days. These words are “angels” and “energies”.

When we travel and lead groups we try to remain as open and un-biased as we can to allow the freedom of every traveller’s beliefs, faiths and calls to ritual, prayer and meditation to flow and be given space to.

I do not facilitate, lead, co-ordinate or command rituals unless I feel there is an obvious collective flow that calls me to do this. Sometimes I lead rituals and traditions due to invites and requests. 

Travelling with purpose

Usually my own intent and purpose on tours is to provide introductions, a kind of “hand shake” to sacred sites such as passage cairns and sacred wells and then let the travellers create their own relationships with them and the other worlds they guide us too. 

After visits I also try to help by offering tools such as showing visitors how to blog publish their thoughts while fresh or inspired or encourage them to creatively express their thoughts to the group through stories, poems, song, writings and humour.

With all of these visits, rituals, and afterglow events the words “angels” and “energies” flow through conversation and I do sense some quiet unease with some people, even myself, when these words are expressed. Claire mentioned something similar to me.


“energies” is not really a bad word though, quite accurate in fact.

Looking through the science eyes of physics the entities being described as “energies” are actually the result of electro-magnetism, an energy that can be measured.

However, I tend to think that people who use the “energies” word are expressing something that is beyond definition of physics and beyond our capabilities of measurement. Probably most of my problem with accepting the word “energies” is through being a stubborn old dog.

As a child the whole of my father’s side family followed what now seems to be their own regime of faith unconnected to major religions but they had their own network of small sacred alter spaces in beautiful small buildings. I seem to be continuing that family faith in my own life. The word “spirits” seemed to appear quite frequently in every conversation. I often wonder if it was ever the first word I ever learned to speak.

Therefore against my usual code of not facilitating unless invited I am now encouraging the use of the word “spirits” instead of “energies” but I doubt if I will criticize anyone for using the “energies” word. After all, it might have been the first word they learned as babies.


“angels” is a word that makes me smile, and is there anyone on earth that fails to smile at that word in their language? Then think of the beautiful artistic and sculptured imagery and the moods angels create when featured in theatre and in films.

However, for me, “angels” does pop up the personification imagery of the combination of Brighid in both human and swan forms. I prefer to avoid using this imagery, other than through references to the wonderful soothing art, sculpture and theatre. Outside of art and entertainment I prefer to replace the “angels” word with “guiding spirits”.

I know, myself, that through my life I have believed to have been guided by an invisible female being but there was a time I shut out that awareness and it brought awful consequences for several years. I convinced myself it was an illusion created in response to my mother passing young while I was very young. After some agonizing years of shutting out my guide I met several men who also believed in similar guides but also kept these feeling tightly secret.

It now leads me to believe that many women believe they are guided by an invisible male spirit on the same level. During quiet moments during our sacred tours some women have shared this with me. Some even shared that they tended to match their husbands against their male spirit guides. Is this the so called search for “Mr Right?”

I would never speculate if such guides are separate spiritual entities within us or simply a natural part of our being that doctors have not identified yet. Either way I do not think its worth thinking about on that hair splitting level otherwise I believe the spiritual value of this wisdom is lost.

Go with the flow ….. then tell us if you feel better or not

As a wise Chinese boss of mine said, when I worked with a herb company, as a child he would ask his mother what was in a food served to him. She would reply, don’t worry about what's in the food, just eat it and then tell me if it makes you feel better or not. Just one of many wisdoms I learned from that man.

Our “Veil Between Two Worlds” journeys do visit and introduce you to sacred sites and traditions that were lived and performed there

…….. but after my introductions I leave your guiding spirits to embrace the spirits of a place

and I hope you’ll express to us how much better the experience made you feel.

Many people enter their vacations with us with full lives and empty souls so we aim to serve a true vacation with full souls that guide you into fulfilling (an intriguing word) lives.

As usual this starts with our introductions from our home page



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