Our New Tour Vacations

New Tour Vacations from Celtic Ways

I now have two new tour itineraries for 2007 that have evolved from requests by tour organizers. I feel honoured and thrilled that people have taken quite a bit of time to explain to me what they would like to see and do in Ireland in relation to services that can see we provide.

Both tours are week long vacation but anyone can request to join in for part of the tour, even for just a day or part of a day. Day tours will no longer be advertised because our vacation offers are proving to be popular before I even get them onto my web site.

"Veil Between Two Worlds"

A tour that follows much of my book to be published this year. This is a vacation in Ireland that is more than a touring visit but includes a journey through ancient Celtic traditions. This vacation tour is available for most weeks of the year.

Previous travellers that joined us shared their experiences and explained how our tours and retreats restored, revitalized and rekindled new fires into their lives. Our "Veil Between Worlds" vacation now combines visits to sacred spaces, such as stone passage cairns and sacred wells, with ancient stories and introduction to the wisdom and paths of the ancient Celtic shamans.

During the daytime our travellers enjoy exhilirating views from little known hills, valleys, lakes and rivers. Travel is moderated and relaxed because we also spend quality sanctuary time in ancient sacred spaces for reflection, thanksgiving and even healing.

Evenings are shared with words from bards, music meditations and lively traditional ceilis around turf fires. You will be welcome to share your music, story and writing talents.

As we are not aligned to any religion or doctrine you will find yourself feeling free to be yourself with your own faith. You will also be accompanied by fellow travellers who you will feel are "your kind of people".

Please explore our "Veil Between Two Worlds" itinerary

"Ancient Temples Of Ireland"

Recently, a couple of group leaders told me that their groups wanted to see as many ancient sites all around ireland that I could pack into a week. They were not interested in spending time doing meditations, writing, chanting, firewalking and other things we do.

Their requests created our new wonderful "Ancient Temples Of ireland" vacation. This is a tour that travels a circle around Ireland and introduces any visitor to many of Ireland's ancient sacred sites as well as providing quite a complete experience of Ireland's landscapes and people.

You may not have heard of many of the sites we visit because they are not found in Ireland's guide books and brochures. Many of these hidden sites are along narrow lanes where visitors can enjoy a taste of real Ireland amongst its most stunning scenery.

Starting at Shannon Airport, we visit The Burren, Cliffs Of Moher, Galway, Ancient Royal Site of Connaught (The Tain), Carrowkeel Passage Cairns, Keash Caves, Markree Castle, Labby Rock, Brighid Stones, Shannon Pot, Loughcrew Passage Cairns & Ancient Art, Kells High Crosses, Tara Hill, Dublin Museums and Book Of Kells, Glendalough, Wicklow Gap, Piper's Stone Circle, Rock Of Cashel, Stone Circles Of Beara (Kerry). You can take the whole vacation or part of it.

We also provide plenty of time for joining in traditional Irish craics, ceilis and for doing your gift shopping and postcard mailing.

If you have never been to Ireland and prefer active adventure amongst Ireland's ancient sites rather than relaxation and spiritual pilgrimage this is the right vacation in Ireland for you. Note that instead of starting at Dublin we start and finish at Shannon Airport which is very convenient for most visitors from North America.

Please explore our "Ancient Temples Of Ireland" itinerary

"Two Worlds Passage"

I said two new vacations for 2007, but here's a third. This third vacation is due to commence during 2008 but we will have one vacation date, last week of July, in 2007 where we will be presenting this itinerary under another name where our guides will be Heather Ash Amara and Raven Smith. I'll explain this in a later blog.

However, "Two Worlds Passage" goes more into learning ancient based traditions and less on visiting sites compared to our "Veil Between Two Worlds" itinerary. This vacation will include firewalking, sweat house cleansing, labyrinth meditations, sound healing, orgone energy recharging, wild food gathering and cooking, introduction to herbalism and additional ancient traditions and wisdom.

We welcome your enquiries for last week of July and all through 2008


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