A Veil Between Two Worlds

The Book

I am currently taking a break from writing articles for this blog to complete my book "A Veil Between Two Worlds" intended for release at Beltaine 2007.

This has been an on and off project during 2006 that is now arriving at an exciting conclusion

My book is both a story and guide book combined.

The book is the story of Brighid visualized as it may be told by Lugh of the Tuatha De Dannan who's harp and its music are the Veil between Earth and the Otherworld.

My story morphs and incarnates through the ages from before the arrival of the Tuatha De Dannan to Ireland until its surprise conclusion dedicated to the day you read it.

There's fantasy, colour, honour, sanctuary, a bit of blood spilt, lots of love, moments of tears, lots to smile about and should provoke some oral response from spontaneous gasps to infectious chuckles.

These are stories that are similar to what have been told many times before with writers changing the names of the people and locations to disguise their sources. I have retained locations, using the most ancient names I could find, and retained the names of characters of the stories.

All of this takes up more than 60% of the book.

The rest of the 40% of the book will be dedicated as a guide to locations that my story travels through. This section will be a compendium with photos, geographical information and additional historical information that may be more grounded than my story but usually not so interesting. Most important, I'll explain how you may travel to and find these places, just in case you would prefer to do this instead of joining one of our guided tours.

The Music

"A Veil Between Two Worlds" book will also be accompanied by a music CD recorded by singer harpist, and a lovely story teller too, Claire Roche. During early Spring "A Veil Between Two World" documentary DVD will be produced along with short movies for your portable media such as iPods and multimedia cell and mobile phones. And the movie? Hmmmm, watch this space.

The Tour

Already I have received wonderful interest from people I have shared this project with, mainly from folks that have shared my tours.
This has attracted several requests for 7 day vacations in our hidden Bréifne region of Ireland to live through this story.

Our 7 day "Veil Between Two Worlds" tour itinerary will be featured and bookable for many of the weeks during 2007 and 2008

Those of you who wish to join us for less than 7 days will be invited to join us en route if seats and accommodation are available.

Live Performances

During 2007 USA visits by Claire Roche and myself are being planned for end of May and end of September and a UK visit during early November. Claire will be in Australia during end of February, all of March and early April. Enquiries also welcome from New Zealand.

Please click here for any enquiries about providing you with live shows and workshops

I look forward to sharing more news about "A Veil Between Two Worlds" and many more related articles through this blog spot, probably re-commencing late January when my script will be in the hands of the publishers and Claire's CD will be in the hands of the mixers.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of sharing spirituality without alignment to any religion or creed other than the single loving spirit that creates, nurtures and guides us all myself and Claire wish you all a safe passing through the mid-winter,

We raise a glass to you all
and we look forward to sharing some time, events and travels with you during 2007 and beyond.


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