Tuatha De Dannan

re-introducing our tour

My four themed tours go through "fashions" of popularity. Through summer Brighid dominated, but now the Tuatha De Dannan interest is surging.

The "fairy tale" legends of the Tuatha De Dannan seems to intrigue everyone. They are the inspiration to many writings, especially Tolkein's Lord Of The Rings. The spirituality carried by the Tuatha De Dannan also seems to be the background to most of our inner faiths, joys and even fears.

With our "Following The Tuatha De Dannan" day tour the day of visiting sites becomes a day of re-enacting Irish legends and exploring Irish druidism before its marriage with early Christianity.

Our journey explore various hidden and intriguing sites within the Moytura plain, an area around the beautiful lakes of Lough Arrow and Lough Key. Sites we visit include Lough na Sool (lake of the eye), Labby Rock, Lugh's Seat and the Pillars Of Samhain. From there the day tour may go north into Cavan to explore later De Dannan days, ancient sites in Cavan's Burren and Shannon Pot, its source. Sometimes we head south and visit to the legendary Caves of Ceis (Keash) Corran that is full of De Dannan legends.

During this day tour attention will often be brought to the legends of the ancient sun god, Lugh, who's name has given us words such as illumination and luminary. The festival of Lughnasa is still a major celebration in this area. The female "goddess" imagery that developed into the celebration of Brigid often brought into focus to.

This day tour is available all year round. I can arrange comfortable accommodation for before and after the tour, including a 2 night and 1 dinner 99 euro offer at a local castle, transport to and from any part of Ireland to our area, and integrate this day tour into a larger sacred sites tour package.

I am re-doing my web site with new info and new forms, to launch within a week.

For now please commence your booking interest through my enquiry form


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