Living Foods

Living Foods

Sometimes, as you know, you can receive some delightful email marketing in the pile beneath the delete button. I received one of these today. What made it even more delightful is that I found out it was presented by friend, but not until I looked into it closely, so I'll introduce a little of this to you.

The ad was for a meeting in Dublin on "Polarity" and was presented by a group called by "Alive", formerly or alternatively known as "Irish Living Foods", so I checked out their web site.

Do you find you do this these days, check out web sites before making decisions about going to places and seeing people or even watching a evening film on tv?

To my delight, this group that's dedicated to promoting the eating of more uncooked food for health, is guided by a wonderful lady called Gabrielle who lives with a wonderful group of friends in Wicklow that I will explain in another chat note.

The web site has a delightful simple design, I love the template she uses
as I just love easy on the eye and simple to use web sites.

My current favourite is an article on making an uncooked pizza.
For pizza lovers the thought is ghastly, but read the article and that may change your mind. A few months ago I even had some, one of the best pizzas I have ever had.

So to check this out yourselves .....


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